The Hasler Foundation supports cutting-edge scientific and technical research projects at universities and university-like institutions, in relation to their potential benefit for Switzerland as a centre for science and industry. 

The term "universities" includes academic universities, the Swiss Federal Technical Universities and their affiliated organisations, and universities of applied sciences. The term "university-like institutions" refers to non-commercial semi-state owned or privately owned research and development.


Important restrictions

  • The headquarters of the institution receiving support must be in Switzerland.

  • The results of the project must be freely accessible. 

  • Projects that are eligible for support from the Swiss National Fund (SNF) or the Swiss Innovation Agency (Innosuisse) are not supported by the Hasler Foundation. 

  • The Hasler Foundation will not pay the cost of overheads for the central infrastructure but follows the SwissFoundations guidelines (PDF) in this regard.


Support tools

  • Support Programs (invitations for theme-based projects)
    The Hasler Foundation provides most of its support in the context of support programmes.

  • Open Support
    Project applications which do not fall within the scope of a support programme, and which demonstrably are not eligible for support from the SNF or the Innosuisse, can be submitted as requests for non-specific support.

  • Innovation projects
    Projects at universities or non-commercial research institutions which are aiming to bring a new innovation onto the market and not merely to make new findings can also be supported within the context of non-specific support. This is mainly intended for an applied sciences or post-doctoral graduate who is then able to remain employed at his university for a limited period in order to translate a newly developed technology into a marketable product. The financing goes via the host university.