Welcome to the Hasler Foundation

The purpose of the Hasler Foundation is to promote information and communications technology (ICT) for the well-being and benefit of Switzerland as an intellectual and industrial centre. The Foundation aims to play an active role in ensuring that Switzerland continues to take a leading position in science and technology in the future.


The Foundation provides its support by financing or co-financing selected educational, research and innovation projects and undertakings in the field of ICT.

The Foundation is politically and religiously neutral and free of any commercial interests. Although it is a non-profit-making organisation, it is not a charity, in that its support is always results-based, in keeping with the purpose of the Foundation.

On our website, you can find out what and whom the Hasler Foundation supports, and how to make an application. There is also a brief introduction to the Foundation itself.



New deadlines as of 2014

for submissions of standard projects (> CHF 50,000) and for Seed Money or innovation projects:

Requests until

Decisions until

end  of february (28/29)

end of june

ende of june (30)

end of october

end of october (31)

end of february






  • Public evaluation of the Hasler Grand Challenge projects

    You are invited to evaluate the submitted projects until 8. 5.2016

  • Hasler Grand Challenge Submissions

    The submissions for the Hasler Grand Challenge are now available on the website.