Welcome to the Hasler Foundation

The purpose of the Hasler Foundation is to promote information and communications technology (ICT) for the well-being and benefit of Switzerland as an intellectual and industrial centre. The Foundation aims to play an active role in ensuring that Switzerland continues to take a leading position in science and technology in the future.


The Foundation provides its support by financing or co-financing selected educational, research and innovation projects and undertakings in the field of ICT.

The Foundation is politically and religiously neutral and free of any commercial interests. Although it is a non-profit-making organisation, it is not a charity, in that its support is always results-based, in keeping with the purpose of the Foundation.

On our website, you can find out what and whom the Hasler Foundation supports, and how to make an application. There is also a brief introduction to the Foundation itself.



  Standard projects (over CHF 50,000.00)   


  Within the framework of the open support, the foundation board has decided
  to cancel the standard projects. Instead the research program "Cyber-Human     

  Systems" has been launched.


  Next possible date of submission of standard projects: June 30, 2016, decision until  

  Octobre 2016. 


  Last possible date of submission of standard projects: October 31, 2016,        

  decision until February 2017.









  • Annual closing

    Our offices will be closed from July 29, to August 21 2016

  • Cyber-Human Systems

    A research program of the Hasler Foundation open to Swiss Universities, Universities of Applied Science and institutions of the ETH Domain.
    Deadline for submission of short proposals: 24.07.2016
    Earliest start of project funding: 01.04.2017

  • Hasler Grand Challenge Submissions

    The submissions for the Hasler Grand Challenge are now available on the website.